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Dr. William C. Culbertson
is a clinical neuropsychologist in private practice, specializing in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents, particularly those with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  He received his doctorate degree from Rutgers University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Drexel University.  Dr. Culbertson is a licensed clinical psychologist and a Diplomate in Psychopharmacology.  He has developed a neuropsychological clinic, published in the field of neuropsychology, presented at professional conferences, and served as a Visiting Professor at Drexel University.  Recently, he contributed two chapters on developmental, learning and neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood to the text, Principles of Neuropsychology.

       Dr. Eric A. Zillmer is Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology at Drexel University.  He received his doctoral degree from Florida Technology, completed his internship at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center.  Dr. Zillmer, a licensed clinical psychologist, is a Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the American Psychological Association, the Society for Personality Assessment, and the National Academy of Neuropsychology.  He has written extensively, having published numerous articles, book chapters, and books, including Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention, The Quest for the Nazi Personality:  A Psychological Investigation of Nazi War Criminals, and Principles of Neuropsychology.  Dr. Zillmer is on the editorial boards of Assessment, Journal of Personality Assessment, and Journal of Forensic Neuropsychology.

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